Joe Florey berichtet über den FC Thulba - auf englisch

Vic Florey, ehemaliger Trainer der SpVgg Wartmannsroth und längst in der Gegend verwurzelt, hat Besuch von seinem Sohn. Und der schaute in Großbardorf zu.
Grund zum Feiern hatte der FC Thulba auch in Großbardorf. Bei der Bayernliga-Reserve gelang ein 2:1-Sieg. Als Beobachter mit dabei war Joe Florey, der für die Saale-Zeitung einen Spielbericht auf Englisch verfasste. Foto: Archiv/Hopf
On this bitterly cold afternoon FC Thulba produced the kind of performance which justifies there position as league leaders. It wasn't a performance based on individual heroics, nor a particularly galvanizing team performance, it was quite simply a result. The type of game champions grind out and nearly men's succumb to. They ended up 2-1 victors in a game which never really caught fire.

The opening 20 minutes began with both teams adopting very different strategies when not in possession perhaps reflecting there league positions. FC Thulba pressed relentlessly whilst Grossbardorf used the narrow home pitch to their advantage allowing Thulba to pass it freely in defence whilst forming a barricade in their own half. This tactic proved effective for the first 20 minutes with the visitors frustrated, their usual quick tempo being nullified. Then came a moment that changed the game and undid all of what had been a disciplined display from Grossbardorf through no real fault of their own.

The opening goal came courtesy of Grossbardorf's Goalkeeper who served up a gift making a mess of a fairly routine cross and handing it on a plate to a Thulba player who thankfully accepted the gift by stroking the ball into an open goal. With all their hard work undone by such a cruel blow, most observers (this reporter included) thought that this would lead to FC Thulba taking control of the match. Yet this young Grossbardorf team were no pushovers nor were they a team lacking talent, blessed with some fantastic individuals who will only improve with age, this is a team that will go places in the future. They hit back with well a fashioned goal, intricate passing tying the Thulba defenders in knots before being prodded into the goal from just outside the 6 yard box.

Up until that moment Grossbardorf had failed to exert themselves offensively and you could sense the Thulba players surprise that the score had been drawn level. This should have been an opportunity for Grossbardorf to take advantage of their momentum and a more experienced team with older heads would have surely done this. However, this wasn't the case and perhaps out of naivety ,they retreated into defensive mode and this proved costly. FC Thulba's player/manager creating an opportunity out of seemingly nothing before planting a well placed shot past the goalkeeper's reach from just outside the area, This hammer blow coming right on the brink of half time, with the scores reading 2-1 in favour of the away side at the half way point, this is how it would remain.

The second half never really took off with FC Thulba failing to press their advantage, whilst remaining in control of the match, they were far too comfortable with such a slender lead and this nearly cost them. Grossbardorf for their part will reflect in hindsight and rue a lack of confidence in their own ability to take the game to FC Thulba, perhaps affording too much respect on account of the visitors current league position, they left it late and this nearly proved enough. A glorious chance went begging right at the death which on another day would have gone in, a goalmouth scramble leading to the ball striking the post and trickling teasingly along the line before being cleared by a grateful goalkeeper.

So a victory for FC Thulba to maintain their good form, not a great performance, however not every game can be, and to leave with the three points showed that this team maybe worthy champions. In a few years, should this Grossbardorf team keep hold of their current roster, they could blossom into a very decent football outfit and if these two teams face each other again it may be a different prospect. For now a mid table position is not a disaster for them, whilst FC Thulba should note league titles are won and lost in games like this.

Joe Florey
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